A quick guide to the tabs:
My social media links and various blogs have all kinds of bio information, but this is a quick guide to what you’ll find on the tabs. If you want to check out my various blogs, including their About pages, click on these:

  • Haiku Plate Special: A daily haiku blog
  • License of Ink: Shakespeare, writing, and other geekery
  • Yay! Pigeons: A blog devoted to rain worship, writing, pigeons, art, and the wholehearted pursuit of joy

If you want to check out my various businesses, click on these:

  • Maypole Memoirs: A business devoted to helping you write, research, and/or record your memoirs. I’m a personal historian in addition to being a writer and editor
  • Paper Bullets Press: This business site focuses on the business writing and editing services I provide

As far as social media, I have a public Facebook page, a public LinkedIn profile, and I’m on Twitter. Check out the sidebar and go from there. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, just ask. I’d be happy to hear from you.